Design Cost Reduction – a case study

Cost reduction case study

A real-life example of where commercial requirements evolved over time, resulting in a product that was designed and re-engineered from “scratch” not once but three times over.
This case study illustrates the importance of understanding your market.

Why Rapid Prototyping is so much more than Additive Manufacturing

Prototype HMI bezel machined in ABS and chromed

Rapid Prototyping is so much more than Additive Manufacturing. There is now no need to wait 4-5 weeks for machined parts – there are now companies who will routinely machine parts in 7-10 or even 2-3 days depending on your budget.

The manufacturing cost conundrum

new product manufacturing cost

Entrepreneurs need to have a good handle on both development & production costs up-front to build a robust business case. But how is it possible to get production costs at the very beginning of development before the product has been designed?

The IMechE’s latest steps to support the career development of Engineers

In the 23 years I have been a member of the IMechE I have never taken one of their training courses as they have not adequately addressed my needs.
The institution now appears to be changing for the better. Whether this is natural evolution, modernisation to the digital age or perhaps as a social distancing measure brought about by the pandemic I cannot say but it is a very welcome evolution.

Fixed Price Vs Time & Materials – which is best for the customer?

Fixed Price vs Time & Materials

Since 2008 we have provided mechanical design and engineering services using a number of financing models; including Fixed Price, Time & Materials and occasionally profit share.
But which model is best for the customer?


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