Other Industries Supported

All industry sectors bring their own specific challenges, whether they be sensitivity to production cost, time-to-market, harsh or hazardous environments or resistance to change from tried-and-tested practices. In recent years we have gained experience in working in the following Industry sectors:


We have supported the development of Telemetry products used on Formula 1 racing cars, Moto GP racing motorbikes and some high-end production sports cars. The motorsport end of this industry sector is marked by the aggressive timescales for both design and for production of parts. We have been instrumental in the design & production of Plastic Injection Moulded components where tooling has been produced and mouldings delivered within 10 days of receipt of design data.


We have played a key role in the development of a number of significant safety-critical track-side infrastructure products and have assisted in the development of products used in both train braking and communication systems.

Oil & Gas

We have designed down-hole telemetry equipment designed to withstand the rigours of the ATEX directive. We have also performed some blue-sky technology development in the field of pumping that has introduced us to new materials to resist extremely aggressive levels of corrosion and erosion.

Building Services

We assisted a UK-based company develop some innovative tooling that will enable builders to produce affordable housing.


We have contributed to the development of invasive equipment used during operations and for CO2 scrubbing equipment used in theatre.

Medicine – Vaccine storage & transportation

WDS has played a small role in the fight against the COVID-19 virus by designing a secure facility that will be used to store the vaccine and a transportation device.

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