Cleantech and Sustainable Product Design

Design for sustainability

The term “Cleantech” is used to describe products or services that help to reduce or eliminate emissions, waste and the use of natural resources by utilising renewable materials and energy sources throughout the product life-cycle.  To be sufficiently attractive to want people to make change, sustainable technologies must also offer a genuine competitive advantage over the traditional alternatives.

As product designers we strive to combine innovation with sustainability.  For us, sustainable product design provides an attractive balance between form, function, cost and it’s impact on the environment throughout the total lifecycle.

Sustainable Product Design Services

At the very basic of levels, some people only consider Bill of Materials (BOM) costs.  Others account for assembly costs through the consideration of assembly “minute” times, often measured or derived from DfMA simulation.   However, modern Lean Design initiatives (such as Six Sigma Lean) encourage the consideration of all waste or costs associated with materials, their processing, waste management and their recyclability from start to finish.

Warley Design has the detailed knowledge of sustainable technology, materials and manufacturing processes required to support your cleantech design initiative. We have recently designed low-power cooling devices for the computing industry and low power/low weight (mass) products for high-performance military applications. We have also supported the development of high-volume electronic modules for the control of Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels.

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