Reverse Engineering Services

stand3We are able to retrospectively record the build of existing hardware and create datasets to enable it to be re-created, cost reduced or otherwise updated.  Our reverse engineering services have been useful to clients who have capability to manufacture their own jigs and fixtures in-house, but then need to record or reproduce them accurately.

The process usually begins with a survey of an existing piece of equipment.  We have found that the most efficient way to do this and the most unobtrusive to the client is to initially rough-model from photographs and to create full-dimensioned drawings whilst in our office.  Although the dimensions are bound to be incorrect they are very easily modified after comparing the measured “actuals” against the dimensions that we have on our drawing.  In the case of large equipment this is best done on-the-spot, using CAD on a mobile workstation / laptop.  When we have checked all individual dimensions and all the parts look correct we are then able to do some simple cross-checks across the assemblies to ensure that the critical dimensions across the assemblies match.

Using this process, it would normally take possible to document a sizeable piece of equipment in just one or two site visits.

Reverse engineering of parts or assemblies that feature special materials, finishes and fits is awkward as it requires us to gain insight as to why those special features were originally considered to be necessary.  We would normally be able to “Reverse Engineer” parts by using our knowledge of materials and their properties, temper conditions, textures, finishes and limits & fits.  This sometimes requires us to send samples of parts away to materials experts for analysis of composition, hardness and texture measurement.

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