Structural Analysis & FEA Services

We perform detailed structural analysis of parts and sub-assemblies, from simple force-deflection “hand” calculations to complex large-scale deformation behaviour and time-domain simulations such as a drop test simulated by non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques.

Even with the most complex 3D systems we try to start with some basic “hand” calculations – its a great way of ensuring that the loads and boundary conditions are truly understood.  Additionally, having an expectation as to the order of magnitude of the results is a great way to error-check.

We have used “hand” calculations quite extensively for calculating torques and analysing Factors of Safety for fasteners in tension and shear, optimising beam sizes for lowest mass, calculating wind loads on structures through the use of National Codes of Practice and for performing calculations of hoop stresses in cylinders.

More examples of studies include:

  • Deflection of electronic equipment covers due to forces imposed by EMC gaskets
  • calculations to determine the required thickness of a radome on an aerospace antenna – optimization of stiffness and material thicknesses to minimise mass
  • Calculations of thread tensile & shear strength to determine required thread sizes and appropriate torque settings
  • Deformation of bulkheads and housings due to hydrostatic pressures
  • Sizing of bearing surfaces to overcome direct forces
  • Model analysis of structures to enable the avoidance of unwanted resonant frequencies
  • Simulated drop tests & impact analysis to determine likelihood of failure at sealing faces
  • Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) deflections as a consequence of loading by Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)
  • Calculations to ensure the required compression of seals and TIMs is achieved, thus ensuring thermal performance

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