Consumer Product Design

While the aesthetics and ergonomics are important to a consumer product design, deciding up-front the strategy for manufacture is critically important.  The manufacturing and tooling strategy chosen will be the one that best delivers the product with all the desirable aesthetic, ergonomic, functional and commercial attributes.  This manufacturing strategy will have a direct impact on the materials available to the designer, the physical attributes of the product and will usually have a very real impact on the design itself.  Making the right choices early on is therefore a critical step in the development of a consumer product.

The ideal scenario, then, is designing parts that have all the desired attributes and features and can be made at the required volume in the most efficient manner, without any additional or non-standard process steps.  To do this the designer has to have a full understanding of the desired attributes and then through a deep working knowledge of various manufacturing processes, choose the process that will best deliver the ideal mix of technical and commercial benefits.

Achieving a Faster Time-To-Market and lower development costs

Warley Design combines creative design or Industrial Design with practical engineering skills and a detailed knowledge of manufacturing processes and tooling.  This makes us the ideal team to support the design and development of new consumer products.

Using experiences gained from performing Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DfMA) studies, Warley Design has successfully supported the development of a wide range of high-volume consumer products, including items such as industrial and high-end lighting products and personal tracking devices.

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