It’s about more than engineering design... ...it's about making ideas manufacturable, cost-effectively. Advanced 3D design and analysis... ...meets real-world manufacturing expertise.

Warley Design is a specialist mechanical design and engineering company.

We provide mechanical design, engineering and product development services to support customers in a broad range of industries.  With origins in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) sector we specialise in the mechanical packaging of electronics in a manner that is optimised for intended production volumes, whether they be high or low.

Since our Incorporation in 2008 we have worked across many industry sectors, from the rigorous and highly specific demands of military, defence, motorsport and aerospace through to cost-sensitive high-volume consumer product development.

We are equally at home with the development of more “blue sky” technology as well as using our mechanical engineering know-how to design one-off installations that are purely mechanical in nature, such as large mechanical structures.

Our past experiences in getting products to market has taught us a great deal about what pitfalls may exist and how they can best be avoided.  We have a sound understanding of best-in-class product development process and believe strongly in performing de-risking activities up-front, when change has the lowest impact on both cost and schedule.

Through focussing on both functional & commercial requirements such as cost, development budget and Time-to-Market we can provide you with confidence that the solution we create is functional, optimised for manufacture and commercially viable.

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