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There are many consultancies who offer stand-alone services like Industrial Design, structural engineering, thermal management and prototype build to name a few.

Warley Design is different.  Having once worked in a global telecoms infrastructure company we have experience of what a best-in-class product development process looks like.  Our understanding of the process enables us to provide a more holistic and robust product development service to our clients.

product design servicesUsing a proven product development process will help get your product to market faster and with a far greater chance of being “right first time”, avoiding costly and time consuming re-design, tooling modifications and build / test / qualification cycles.

Whilst we are happy to offer our  mechanical design services individually by discipline, we believe we provide maximum value when we are engaged from the very beginning of a project, when the architectural decisions made have the greatest impact on both cost and schedule.

It is widely accepted that around 75% of the cost of a product is locked-in at the concept stage.  With our experience in concept design and knowledge of of down-stream Cost Reduction methodologies we are able to apply the rationale to proactively manage cost out during the very early stages of development.  We think of this before-the-event activity as “Cost Avoidance” rather than the usual CR activity which focuses on cost in existing designs.

At the heart of our design activity is a drive to ensure that all specified functional and commercial requirements are satisfied.  Our design process incorporates milestones that provide valuable check-points to ensure that the project is on track commercially and that the output is on track to meet all expectations.

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