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It’s more than “mechanical design”… it’s about getting to the heart of the requirements.

Warley Design Solutions can really help you develop an idea and turn it into a profitable product in the most efficient manner.   We have worked with some of the best companies in their respective fields and have learnt from how they use processes to best effect.  Our own (default) product development process is the distillation of tried-and-tested practice combined with many years experience.

By asking the right questions we help our customers to understand and refine their priorities and requirements from the start.  This means we can create fully considered designs that meet our customer’s technical and commercial goals and are ready for manufacture at the projected volumes.

Investing time up-front for robust engineering and de-risking activities ensures that the concept is right as early as possible.  The later the changes to a concept, the more disruptive the changes are.

From the very first stages of design we focus on volume manufacture to ensure that the design will meet the client’s commercial goals.   Its something that we get from having ourselves worked in a manufacturing environment.

It’s our knowledge of design, engineering AND manufacturing that makes us different.

Warley Design was founded by John Durban and Jon Ackland (now retired) in 2008 after working together as colleagues for 20+ years.  Both are highly experienced product design engineers who started their careers “serving time” in a craft apprenticeship.  This gives them a rare insight into the fundamentals of “design for manufacture”, having experienced at first hand the issues associated with designs that look great on paper, but are at best difficult and costly to make to expected levels of quality and with repeatability.

This combined experience in mechanical engineering design, product development and volume manufacturing is key to our ability to develop highly reliable product designs that are optimised for manufacture from day one, significantly reducing both product development time and non-reoccurring engineering (NRE) costs.

A skilled and experienced team

Working as product designers within multi-national corporations has provided us with training and exposure to state-of-the-art design tools and methodologies, along with a familiarity with big company culture, processes & Quality Management Systems.

We are able to draw on those strengths but enjoy being able to circumnavigate the inertia, inefficiencies and many of the constraints that is often encountered within big companies.  Its the kind of agility that you can only get in a small, director/owner led organisation that puts the customer’s interests first.

Warley Design has a flexible and agile team that is straightforward and easy to deal with, but we’re not “nodding dogs”… we like to question things so as to understand the real project goals.  We ask “why not?” and “what if?” and endeavour to use our knowledge of best practice and experience across a wide array of industry sectors to innovate and to make things better.

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