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The building of prototypes and managing the production of products in low volumes is a very important part of what we do. Over the years we have fostered relationships with suppliers that we know we can rely on to provide us with the right blend of capability, price, quality, and delivery performance.

There is no single “go-to” supplier but instead a portfolio of companies that we know we can trust. We would prefer to always use our intended volume suppliers for prototyping but sometimes we need to get parts made in a matter of a few days; and this response time is very much the domain of the fast turn-around specialists such as the rapid machinists, 3D print suppliers and the laser profilers. These rapid response service providers have their limitations: often there is a limited choice of materials & grades, no option for plating or painting and a constraint on processes available (e.g. thread tapping but no inserts). We combine what’s available with our own in-house capabilities to deliver parts that meet our objectives, whatever they may be.

When required by our clients we will flow-down the conditions of any Non-Disclosure Agreements through our supply chain, as well as observe any special requests such as not allowing product datasets to go “off-shore”.

Our Trusted Associates

Being a micro-company we have developed close relationships with similar companies that offer complimentary skills. They can provide us with more bandwidth when necessary (such as for mechanical design & documentation), greater depth of skill (such as with specialised CFD and FEA) and for increased breadth of capability (for example for aesthetic or ergonomic design). The relationships we have are built on trust and integrity and as such are highly valued.

Associates of WDS are engaged under NDA, work to our procedures such as time-recording and comply with our own in-house policies such as that for Anti-Bribery & Corruption.

Contract Manufacturers

Before Incorporation into WDS in 2008 our team members was employees of one of the World’s largest Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies. We know a thing or two about Manufacture! Today we have strong connections with people in the Contract Manufacturing / EMS industry. The term “horses for courses” has never been more appropriate than when selecting a manufacturing partner. Allow us to help develop your product and leverage our contacts in the supply chain through to volume manufacture.

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