Telecom product design & system engineering

Having cut our teeth as product design engineers for global telecoms equipment manufacturers we truly understand the technical challenges associated with telecom product design & system engineering.  Warley Design has contributed to the development of many class-leading telecoms and datacoms infrastructure systems and we are at home with both digital and analogue architectures whether delivered by Radio Frequency (RF), copper or fibre technologies.  When designing this kind of infrastructure equipment the functional performance, availability and reliability are of paramount importance and so we are called to leverage our engineering capabilities to the full.

From specification and concept through to mechanical design, analysis, testing and manufacture, we routinely deal with all forms of interconnect and I/O, whether by front plug-up, high speed backplane connections, small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers and more…

When designing for deployment in industry standard Equipment Practice (EP) such as ETSI (ETS 300 019) or “19 inch” (IEC 60297) and for compliance to regulatory requirements we have the experience required to ensure full design compliance.

As well as exchange and Central Office (CO) equipment we have supported the development of infrastructure equipment for mobile telephony such as antennas and masthead electronics in the form of Remote Radio Heads (RRHs).  Such products have their own very special mix of requirements as they deal with wind and ice loading, high ambient temperatures, solar gain, challenging Radio Frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EMC) environments etc.

We have designed highly reliable communications equipment destined for service from 8km below sea-level to altitudes of 15km above, and many places in-between.

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