Thermal Management: what it is and what it is not

Thermal Management

The team at Warley Design was performing thermal management long before being transferred out of Nortel Networks over twenty years ago.  Having come from a background of packaging high-performing electronics it is one of the rather niche disciplines that is core to what we do. There is a widely accepted rule-of-thumb in the electronics packaging world that for every

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Outsourcing design work – how to get more “bang” for your buck

Outsourcing design work

When it comes to outsourcing design work, we have found over the years that our clients often fall into one of two categories: i) small companies that are at the beginning of their product development journey and have little or no in-house expertise in the mechanical field or… ii) large companies who already have a

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How do you select the right manufacturing partner?

How do you select the right manufacturing partner?

When you have designed a bespoke component or assembly there are countless suppliers who could potentially produce it for you. Try typing “plastic injection moulders” or “precision machinists” in your browser search tool and see how many hits you get: literally millions! So, on what grounds do you make your selection? I’d suggest that the answer is definitely not

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Warley Design is moving!

Warley Design is moving

Warley Design is moving! As from the beginning of October 2021, we will be re-locating our operation to a new facility in Basildon. Our new address going forwards will be: Warley Design Solutions Ltd. Unit 3 Bentalls Business Park Bentalls Basildon SS14 3BN A newly built facility that suits our business The Basildon office is

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The fundamental engineering principles behind timekeeping

The engineering principles of timekeeping

It’s probably true that most people in the developed world would once have owned a clock or a watch.  These household items that are now often taken for granted were once critical to the development of our industrialized nations.
But do you know the fundamental mechanical principles that are leveraged to power our everyday clocks and watches?


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