What will the future of robots look like?

As the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues apace, fears have been expressed about what a future where robots are common place might look like. One concern is that jobs currently carried out by people might, in the not too distant future, be done by computers. According to a study by researchers at Oxford

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Does the VW scandal signal the end of the combustion engine?

The depth and breadth of the VW scandal has astounded industry-watchers. The company has admitted that the ‘diesel dupe’ involves around 11million cars worldwide, fitted with so-called ‘defeat devices’ in their diesel engines that could detect when they were being tested for emissions, and change the performance to improve the results. Now it looks as

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#iLookLikeAnEngineer – Hashtag campaign hopes to break gender stereotypes in engineering

The experience of one female engineer and the power of social media is helping to dispel the myth that all engineers are men. Thousands of women working in engineering, science and computing have tweeted photos of themselves to the hashtag #iLookLikeAnEngineer explaining what they do for a living to try and break down gender barriers

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Fully sustainable energy becomes a step closer

One of the “hot” topics in the Engineering press is that of sustainable energy.  Clearly, we have to quickly find a long-term solution for the good of mankind else our world will eventually resemble something from a Max Max movie.  Progress seems to have been hampered by differing opinions as to what technologies will offer

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How Nature Inspires Technology II: The Wonder of Small Things

We have written before on how nature and its designs have guided the development of man-made technologies down the ages. As designers and engineers, it’s a theme that we are fascinated by and one we continuously revisit. One particularly riveting area is the wealth of inspiration, clever design and raw material offered to the human

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