How do you select the right manufacturing partner?

How do you select the right manufacturing partner?

When you have designed a bespoke component or assembly there are countless suppliers who could potentially produce it for you. Try typing “plastic injection moulders” or “precision machinists” in your browser search tool and see how many hits you get: literally millions! So, on what grounds do you make your selection? I’d suggest that the answer is definitely not

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Why Rapid Prototyping is so much more than Additive Manufacturing

Prototype HMI bezel machined in ABS and chromed

Rapid Prototyping is so much more than Additive Manufacturing. There is now no need to wait 4-5 weeks for machined parts – there are now companies who will routinely machine parts in 7-10 or even 2-3 days depending on your budget.

What impact will IR35 legislation have on SME service providers?

IR35 legislation

The design & engineering industry has traditionally had a strong foundation of individuals providing services on a contract basis. Companies both small and large rely on these individuals to add either capacity or capability to their resource pool.
The UK Government’s latest IR35 ruling is turning the industry on it’s head.

When is Rapid Prototyping not Rapid Prototyping?

Mention the term Rapid Prototyping or just “RP” and people immediately think you are referring to 3D printed parts made by SLS, SLA or by FDM processes. What’s really meant here is Additive Manufacturing or AM, where parts are basically created by the build-up of material rather than subtracted by machining material away from a

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The business development paradox

We’ve been incredibly busy here at Warley Design for the past five months or so working on a big project that came “out of the blue” from seeds that were sown some time ago.  It has been technically very challenging and involved evening and weekend work, and less time off than we had planned for during the school

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