What is good engineering design and how do we recognize it?

what is good engineering design

What really is in good engineering design beyond the superficial condition of an item? What shows that potential within?

Why is Cost Reduction even a “thing” if we make every effort to get the design right?

Why do we need Cost Reduction?

With 75% of of the cost of a product being locked-in by the designers it is critical that the design (and specifically the concept) is as right as it can be from the off. Why then is Cost Reduction even a thing then if we make every effort to get the design right?

The Bloodhound Project – more a giant leap for the engineering profession than an attempt at a land speed record

At a recent get-together of engineering professionals, the conversation turned to the exciting Bloodhound project – a bold, ambitious venture, which aims to develop a supersonic car (SSC) capable of breaking the 1,000mph land speed barrier. To my dismay a fellow professional dismissed the Bloodhound SSC as being “a suped-up racing car”. I was disappointed because

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Designing-in Quality

Quality is a word that does not seem to be banded around as much as it used to be.  In my experience the industry seems to go through cycles, or fads where certain initiatives come and go.  I suspect that this is linked to economic climate more than anything else – in the ’80s quality initiatives were rolled-out across

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Is the 3D Printed Car a Game Changer?

The 3D printed car sure is an eye-catching way to show-case a fantastic new technology.  It will fire the imagination and enable endless possibilities for personalised vehicles which can be printed before your very eyes in just 44 hours at the single press of a button. … well, hold on just a minute. Is it

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