Engineering – a profession or a trade?

In many European countries being an engineer carries a certain kudos, like a lawyer or a doctor.   However, here in the UK there exists a strong likelihood that if you tell someone that you’re an engineer they assume that you wield a spanner, crawl under cars or fix washing machines .… Now don’t get me

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It’s “Design for Manufacture”, not “Manufacture for design”!

I saw a comment posted a while ago asking if it is necessary to consider Design for Manufacture when in the early stages of design ….. absolutely!  The design itself and the manufacturing technique are so intertwined that to design without manufacture in mind will likely lead to parts that cannot be made within cost targets.  It is

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SolidWorks or Pro/ENGINEER? No Contest!

SolidWorks or Pro/ENGINEER?  At Warley Design our users have been using both for many years.  Personally, I formally trained on Pro/ENGINEER in or before 1998 and our employer bought a few seats of SolidWorks in addition in 2005 .  When Jon and I set-up Warley Design in 2008 the first license we bought was SolidWorks – not necessarily because it was the

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View a movie showing first assembly of parts made by Rapid Prototyping

This movie captures the moment we fist assembled some parts made by Rapid Prototyping (RP) techniques. We used SLS to represent the longer part that was designed to be extruded in plastic (rather like plastic conduit), and also to make the end caps which would be made by Plastic Injection Moulding (PIM) in volume.  The

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How long does product development take?

We are occasionally asked to support start-ups and new customers to develop products from “scratch” and at some point it will be necessary to know how long our mechanical part of the product development will take so that programme plans can be drawn-up. This article provides an illustration, based on our experiences of projects in the past. Of course, no one schedule

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