Things I wish I knew about marketing when we started: six marketing tips for start-ups

We’ve now entered our seventh year as an independent provider of engineering design services.  In that time we have been proud to have contributed to some really exciting products and on the flip side there have been some projects that have not been awarded our way.  Of those that got away, there are a couple that

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What is the point of a prototype anyway?

We recently wrote about the amazing potential of 3-D printing, which is now an industry in itself, having evolved from the rapid prototyping side of product development. A key advantage of rapid prototyping has always been the ability to create a physical representation of a new component in just a couple of days. This undoubtedly

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The dangers of Rapid Prototyping

I have recently been visiting secondary schools to find the most suitable for my daughter and I was delighted to see that many have a 3D printer in their Design Technology workshop.  With print-to-order giveaways the machines were a great draw for prospective students and parents alike.  This is great to see, as it is

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Engineering – a profession or a trade?

In many European countries being an engineer carries a certain kudos, like a lawyer or a doctor.   However, here in the UK there exists a strong likelihood that if you tell someone that you’re an engineer they assume that you wield a spanner, crawl under cars or fix washing machines .… Now don’t get me

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It’s “Design for Manufacture”, not “Manufacture for design”!

I saw a comment posted a while ago asking if it is necessary to consider Design for Manufacture when in the early stages of design ….. absolutely!  The design itself and the manufacturing technique are so intertwined that to design without manufacture in mind will likely lead to parts that cannot be made within cost targets.  It is

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