New robots, old debates

The recent news that pioneering British firm Dyson is to launch its first robot vacuum cleaner has captured the imagination of industry-watchers. The product – the Dyson 360 Eye – incorporates a 360-degree camera and infrared sensors to identify obstructions, and users can control it via a smartphone app. The machine – not the first

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Is the 3D Printed Car a Game Changer?

The 3D printed car sure is an eye-catching way to show-case a fantastic new technology.  It will fire the imagination and enable endless possibilities for personalised vehicles which can be printed before your very eyes in just 44 hours at the single press of a button. … well, hold on just a minute. Is it

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Engineering and the election

With the party conference season over, all political thoughts have now turned to the General Election set for 7th May 2015. As engineers we have been interested in what leading organisations in our industry want to see from any new government to support the development of the sector. And it would seem there has been

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Mechanical Engineers are from Mars and Industrial Designers are from Venus!

It is widely acknowledged that professionals working in the field of Industrial Design tend to “see the world differently” from those of us whose focus is classic mechanical engineering. We recently saw an entertaining video (below) which in a minute or so sums up a lot of the elements that the Industrial Design discipline incorporates.

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Outsourcing design can make great business sense

Outsourcing engineering design can make great business sense.  Here’s how: > design specialists who work across several sectors can bring experiences of new materials, contemporary best-practices and ground-breaking technologies from related industries > external organisations can immediately extend your network to new suppliers, technical specialists and knowledge-bases > it’s common for consultancies look to partner

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