Compliance Engineering

Design for Safety, RoHS, Electromagnetic (EMC) & Environmental compliance

Key to achieving the shortest product development time or time to market (TTM) is to ensure that the design is right prior to the undertaking of regulatory testing.  This avoids expensive and time-consuming spins through the development process and could be the difference between achieving a competitive advantage or missing a market opportunity entirely.

Compliance Engineering

Compliance Engineering is the term we give to ensuring that the design will meet the stated customer and regulatory requirements before testing. This is done through establishing from the outset a firm understanding of customer requirements, the intended geographic markets and the requirements of all relevant regulatory bodies.

The path to compliance:

  • Gain a firm understanding of the intended markets and the route into those markets through agencies and regulatory bodies
  • Understand what information needs to be gathered and what needs to be considered during the development of the product
  • Review of design architecture & concept stages: physical design concepts and schematics prior to layout and critical component selection
  • Review of detail design: mechanical details and layout prior to release for manufacture
  • Creating test plans and management of prototype confidence testing for climatic, mechanical & electromagnetic etc. environments
  • Managing the relationship with notified bodies and ensure that Regulatory testing is conducted in accordance with their requirements

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