Why Rapid Prototyping is so much more than Additive Manufacturing

Prototype HMI bezel machined in ABS and chromed

Rapid Prototyping is so much more than Additive Manufacturing. There is now no need to wait 4-5 weeks for machined parts – there are now companies who will routinely machine parts in 7-10 or even 2-3 days depending on your budget.

The benefits of NOT having a 3D printer

The benefits of not having a 3D printer

3D printing is so mainstream that machines are accessible to everybody for not much more than the cost of a decent laser printer. So why do we not have our own?

When is Rapid Prototyping not Rapid Prototyping?

Mention the term Rapid Prototyping or just “RP” and people immediately think you are referring to 3D printed parts made by SLS, SLA or by FDM processes. What’s really meant here is Additive Manufacturing or AM, where parts are basically created by the build-up of material rather than subtracted by machining material away from a

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Is the 3D Printed Car a Game Changer?

The 3D printed car sure is an eye-catching way to show-case a fantastic new technology.  It will fire the imagination and enable endless possibilities for personalised vehicles which can be printed before your very eyes in just 44 hours at the single press of a button. … well, hold on just a minute. Is it

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What is the point of a prototype anyway?

We recently wrote about the amazing potential of 3-D printing, which is now an industry in itself, having evolved from the rapid prototyping side of product development. A key advantage of rapid prototyping has always been the ability to create a physical representation of a new component in just a couple of days. This undoubtedly

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