Introducing Spot – an advancement in military robots

Regular readers of our blogs will know that, here at Warley Design, we have a particular penchant for charting the latest developments in artificial intelligence and robot design. Bearing this in mind, we thought we would share one of our favourite videos of the year featuring the most recent creation to come out of Boston

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Welcome to Industry 4.0

One buzzword that is being used with increasing frequency of late is Industry 4.0. It’s a term that is being talked about widely in engineering and manufacturing circles as the fourth industrial revolution. But what does it refer to and what are its implications? To explain Industry 4.0, a brief history lesson is helpful. The

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The growth of engineering in India

India has developed quite a reputation for producing more than its fair share of engineers.  In recent times up to 1.5 million engineering graduates have entered the jobs market every year while the number of engineering colleges in the country has grown exponentially – from 1,511 colleges in 2006-07 to an incredible 3,345 in 2014-15. The situation on the

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The business development paradox

We’ve been incredibly busy here at Warley Design for the past five months or so working on a big project that came “out of the blue” from seeds that were sown some time ago.  It has been technically very challenging and involved evening and weekend work, and less time off than we had planned for during the school

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What will the future of robots look like?

As the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues apace, fears have been expressed about what a future where robots are common place might look like. One concern is that jobs currently carried out by people might, in the not too distant future, be done by computers. According to a study by researchers at Oxford

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