The Bloodhound Project – more a giant leap for the engineering profession than an attempt at a land speed record

At a recent get-together of engineering professionals, the conversation turned to the exciting Bloodhound project – a bold, ambitious venture, which aims to develop a supersonic car (SSC) capable of breaking the 1,000mph land speed barrier. To my dismay a fellow professional dismissed the Bloodhound SSC as being “a suped-up racing car”. I was disappointed because

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The golden age for Innovation: now?

It would be interesting to undertake a poll to determine people’s perception of if there was a golden age of innovation.   The wheel, fire and electricity were all pivotal inventions or discoveries that put mankind on the path to where we are now, but in terms of technological advancement was there ever a really hot

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Can we avoid a skills crisis in the engineering sector?

The conflicting nature of Britain’s engineering industry was underlined in a recent report from national body EnginezeringUK, a not-for-profit organisation which works in partnership with the engineering community to promote the vital role of engineers and engineering to society. On the one hand, the research, called simply: The State of Engineering 2016, shows how this

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What do mechanical engineers do?

It’s a question we get asked from time to time at public gatherings: “So what exactly is it that you do?” When I say I provide mechanical engineering support to the development of (mostly) electronic products this is usually met with confused looks. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines and (amongst many other things) involves the

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Introducing Spot – an advancement in military robots

Regular readers of our blogs will know that, here at Warley Design, we have a particular penchant for charting the latest developments in artificial intelligence and robot design. Bearing this in mind, we thought we would share one of our favourite videos of the year featuring the most recent creation to come out of Boston

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