Where did DfSS go?

At Warley Design Solutions we’re currently working on a project where we are assisting in the development of a extremely high-end product.  The end user will expect unparalleled levels of quality and performance – failure of any kind is simply not an option.  It struck me as being an ideal candidate for DFSS. When I worked for

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The Rise of Apprenticeships

It has been refreshing to see the Government, local authorities and employer bodies get behind what appears to be a concerted drive to push the benefits of apprenticeships. Hopefully, the growing publicity around these important routes to building skills required for today’s workplace will encourage more employers to offer apprenticeship opportunities and lead to an

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STEM: the key to combatting engineering’s image problem

One of the ongoing issues for the engineering industry is the problem of attracting talent to the sector. The government believes that if we want the UK to remain a world leader in research and technology we will need a future generation that is passionate about the so-called STEM topics, namely Science, Technology, Engineering and

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Why are there so few women in Engineering?

This recent article suggests that only 6% of the engineering workforce are female and this has not changed in recent years. My personal experience tells me that the numbers in our particular corner of engineering (mechanical) are even lower than this.  If I think back over my career I can probably count female co-workers on my two hands.  Its quite

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A bit of CAE snootiness?


The importance of working collaboratively and the ability to share native geometry with our clients has necessitated us investing in a fairly extensive range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Analysis (CAE) software over the years. This gives us a good insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a number of the most

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